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Farming is in the blood. Chip was born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. His parents got out of farming when he was young but his uncles and grandparents in Virginia and North Dakota were farmers and he grew up with a knowledge and interest in farming. Martha was raised on a dairy farm in Wayne County, Ohio.
After college Chip worked in the fresh herb business helping to maintain more than a dozen greenhouses, five plus acres of organically certified fields and implemented a composting program for a large mid atlantic business. During this time he also worked for a farmer who raised blueberries, peaches and grapes for a Farmer's Market. These experiences, along with home gardening, gave them the push to try a farming venture of their own.
In 2004 Chip and Martha moved to Ohio in the fall. With the growing season winding down they were still interested in putting something in the soil. Chip remembered garlic from an earlier experiement and with seed stock obtained from Martha's mother and Seeds of Change the first humble crop of four varieties totaling 4 dozen bulbs sparked an interest that has since taken off. Now years later they are planting around 5,000 bulbs of 8 different varieties of garlic. While farming is not a full time occupation they enjoy the rhythms of the growing seasons and sincerely hope that the product meets your expectations for great flavor grown in a way that sustains the land.

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