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Celebrating over a Decade of Gourmet Garlic!
Ready and taking orders for 2018 season!

Welcome to Hawkeye Garlic! Specializing in gourmet garlic we grow 8 varieties from 5 different countries of origin on our small Ohio Amish Country Homestead. Starting with heirloom and organic seed sources we continue each year to add to the quality of our garlic. While we do not grow on a scale large enough to justify the cost of organic certification we are dedicated to high standards of sustainability. We do not sell anything that we would not eat ourselves or sell to our next door neighbor.

Whether you are interested in growing your own fresh garlic or buying direct from farmers like us you can be assured of quality as we plant, weed, harvest and clean every bulb by hand. Whether you are a loyal customer from the past following us onto the web or new to us we thank you for your interest and will do everything in our power to help you find what you are looking for. We harvest the beginning of July, let it cure and are ready to ship mid August. Hope you enjoy!

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